Strefa Wenus z Milo


Strefa Wenus z Milo is an NGO founded by and for the women with disabilities. We run the organization ourselves and are guided by the "Nothing about us without us" principle. Our actions counter the charity model of support for people with disabilities. We want to take matters into our own hands and regain our autonomy and independence.


 Our main goals are:

-To defend the rights of girls and women with disabilities,

-To improve the quality of their lives,

-To support emancipation,

-To counteract discrimination and violence on the grounds of disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion (or lack of it), ethnic origin, age, education, economic status and others.

 We work both within and outside our organization. On the one hand, we empower women with disabilities who are members of the association. On the other hand, we educate and cooperate with institutions, organizations, and groups interested in counteracting discrimination and violence.


Our mission

We are an association of women with disabilities. We founded the organization because we want our voice to be heard and our capabilities and needs to be recognized. We are opposed to an authoritarian way of making decisions on the matters that affect us. That is why we decided to take matters into our own hands and start working, based on the principle "Nothing about us without us".

We do not want people to pity us because very often this attitude leads to inappropriate solutions.

We want to be treated as partners in action, not as subjects of care.

We want to be recognized as citizens who, like the rest of society, have

the right to development, self-determination, and independence.

Therefore, we would like to:

- defend the rights of women with disabilities,

- strive for a full and equal participation in society,

- support the emancipation, autonomy, and independence of women with


- build and strengthen the positive identity of women with disabilities,

- strengthen cooperation and solidarity between women, regardless of the degree of their (dis)ability, and physical or mental condition, as well as between groups interested in fighting against discrimination based on gender and disability,

- eliminate stereotypes, counteract violence and discrimination, especially on grounds of gender, disability, and other reasons, in all spheres of life, including both private and public sphere.


To achieve our objectives, we will:

- be the advocates for the interests of women with disabilities,

discriminated against on the basis of gender, disability, sexual orientation

and other reasons,

- cooperate with public and private institutions and non-governmental

organizations by counseling, indicating, supporting and initiating good


- suggest solutions and provide information about the accessibility and

adjustments of services, technologies and support for women with disabilities,

- organize courses, training, workshops, conferences, seminars,

exhibitions, educational meetings, social actions, trips, support groups,

including educational and self-educational ones,

- conduct educational, research, sport and cultural activities,

- support and organize publishing projects and artistic undertakings,

- provide guidance and counseling,

- increase the social and professional activity of women irrespective of

their (dis)ability or health condition.

If you would like to cooperate, let us know! 


Tłumaczenie/Translation: Kamila Albin